The Artist

“Beauty” is this the artistic message according to Mr. Fontanella

The painting must instantly convey the idea of Beauty to the viewer, grasping and harmonizing all the beautiful aspects in a sparse and chaotic way, mostly hidden in reality.

He dissociates himself from the contemporary Art which tends to represent the negative aspects, the Ugly, the Bizarre and Disharmony.

The Beauty that springs from Fontanellas artworks does not meet that classical perfection, does not have that inescapable and static truth, it is that kind of Beauty that originates from who lives with passion and loves living life in its entirety. He loves Art and thanks to this pure love he reads the reality.


Franco Fontanella was born in 1954 in Osimo where he still lives and works.
He is a self-taught artist: Even from an early age he shows his innate talent.
At age 15 he was already highly enthusiastic and he starts making copies of classical and impressionist artists approaching to every kind of painting techniques.


In 1973 at just 19-years-old, he opens his first Art Exhibition, the first of many more events during these 40 years of his brilliant career.


In the 80’s he also approaches Graphics, Design and Sculpture arts creating an amazing collection of Silver bas-reliefs.
He goes against the grain embracing Realism and Hyperrealism in Painting.
He also dedicates time to revival ancient art techniques as well as his war/horse Frescoes which requires extreme precision and quick execution.


In the 90’s he will work on lots of Frescoes and Tromp l’oeil, which can be admired in private houses, villas and public buildings in Italy and Europe.
Nowadays he is specialized in Art Reproductions on Canvas of classical and modern works.


Thanks to his tireless curiosity and ambition he also worked on many Stained Glass Windows for Churches and religious buildings.